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Polar Nutrition Ay myy ja markkinoi pakuriuutetta, pohjoisten alueiden superfoodia.

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-Luonnon parasta antia

What is chaga?

Northern superfood, that´s been used for centuries all over the world. Chaga (Inonotus Obliquus) grows on birch trees in colder climates. This non-toxic fungus grows as a big dark canker outside a tree and it contains multiple beneficial ingredients and compounds.

How about chaga extract?

Powdered chaga is extracted by using circulation method. Chaga is boiled in a vacuum until the parts that don´t dissolve into your body, are gone. So it leaves only those parts that are 100% dissolvable. That´s why you don´t need to do anything, this extract is ready for use. For every kilogram of extract, we use 12–15 kilograms of raw chaga.


And why Polar Nutrition´s chaga extract?

Our chaga extract is 100% pure chaga without any additives or preservatives and it is harvested from the cleanest parts of the world, siberian forests. With years of expertise, our team of professionals developed this high quality product and by constantly testing raw materials quality, we make sure that every batch of our product is the same high quality.

At Polar Nutrition, we are very proud of our product and strong believe that our chaga extract is the best in the world!


Not to use simultaneosuly with antibiotics , penicillin or if you are diabetic because of chaga mushroom antagonist abilitys .Not recommended for person with musroom or penicillin allergy.